MOD function does not work! So be warned!

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On Friday, March 29, 2002, at 05:00 , Dar Scott wrote:
> The doc says nothing about this.
> I'm disappointed that we are reduced to talking about int and real, 
> programmer jargon.
>>> The implication is that applications that need a decimal point need 
>>> to have lots of special code.
>> Not really. Treat it as one of string, integer or floating point (s, 
>> m, e) and BCD or "binary point" can take care of themselves.
> I don't understand.  I don't know of types in Revolution (except string 
> vs array).  Suppose I want to keep up with money.  If I understand the 
> implications of Ian's experiment, my books might not balance.

Rev is not a strongly typed language but I never expected that _all_ 
issues of data types would disappear. A solution (use round when it must 
be integer, raise to the power 1 when it must be floating point and 
concatenate with empty for a string) is straightforward enough and 
rarely needed.

Incidentally, MS Excel fails the following test
mod(12.3,1.23) = 0
where rev gets it right so MC is not alone in having issues with mod 
(Excel produces a residual of about 1e-15; not zero). Further, some 
languages will, I believe, say that "-340 mod 60" is 20 or -20 
(arguable) where the MC engine fairly rationally says -40 so that is 
another one to consider.

I have had to compel the data type once or twice in HC and the same 
stack(s) in RR but a general awareness of the possibility is usually 
sufficient not to get caught by it. A bit like deliberately over-using 
parentheses to make sure the compiler understands you; just being safe. 
Perhaps some notes could be added to the documentation to raise this 
awareness for all.


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