Hot Girls And Wild Horses! (Rev & MX)

Troy Rollins troy at
Fri Mar 29 00:25:01 EST 2002

On Thursday, March 28, 2002, at 10:45 AM, Wayne Townsend wrote:

> I think that this combination of Rev and FlashMX truly gives us the 
> tools to build the next level of applications.  We have been working 
> for years with Flash4 & Flamethrower, with very good results, and have 
> a lot of info to share if you're interested.

There is already starting a fair amount of discussion on this topic 
here. It seems several (many?) of us are looking toward a potential 
combination of Flash MX and Revolution. I'm sure anything you have to 
offer would be welcome. For my company (so far) MX development and Rev 
development are independent of each other. I would like to consider 
integrating them, but would also be interested in the challenges such a 
solution has solved for you in the past, and what you are looking toward 
doing with the pair (in a little more detail).

Certainly sounds like a lively topic anyway...



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