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Ivers, Doug E Doug_Ivers at lord.com
Thu Mar 28 08:29:01 EST 2002

I didn't get any explanation of how to set up a submenu in the Menu Manager,
so I did it in a script.  Here's what I ended up with:

on createPrefMenu
  -- this is called in preOpenStack
  -- create Preferences menu contents with tab in front of each font name
  --- (to make the font list a submenu)
  -- prerequisite: a button "Preferences" in group "menubar0"
  put the fontNames into sysFontList
  put empty into tabFontList
  repeat for each line L in sysFontList
    put tab&L&return after tabFontList
  end repeat
  delete char -1 of tabFontList  -- the trailing return
  put "Font"&return&tabFontList into button "Preferences" of group
end createPrefMenu

Any suggestions for improving this?

-- D

On 3/27/02 8:57 AM, "Ivers, Doug E" <Doug_Ivers at lord.com> wrote:

> Can the menu manager be used to create hierarchical menus?  I saw an
> earlier message on this, but it still doesn't seem to work in 1.1.1
> final.
> I'm looking for an example stack in which hierarchical or cascading
> menus are used.  In particular, I want to have a menubar with a
> Preferences menu under which is a Font menuitem under which is a list of
> the available fonts.
> Anyone know of an existing example?  (I haven't looked through all the
> user contribution stacks for this.)  Surely this is not uncommon.
> -- D 
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