capturing video

cowhead cowhead at
Thu Mar 28 04:00:01 EST 2002

I want to capture portions of videos as quicktime movies, so that I can
incorporate them into some Rev projects.  There seem to be a plethora of
approx. $100 devices out there that will do this.  Can anyone recommend
one in particular?  My only concerns are
1. I want firewire connectivity (I'm working with Macs)
2.  Ease of use.  I want to be able to cue up my video, play a short
seg, and capture it as quicktime movie, then move on to a new video
segment, relatively quickly.

Alternatively, I will soon be buying a fire-wire ready video camera.
Would it be easier to just record from video's to the digital camera,
then use the camera as the video input device to the computer?

If anyone has any experience with these things.  Your help will be
greatly appreciated!

mark mitchell

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