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Wed Mar 27 18:48:01 EST 2002

At 1:23 PM +0100 3/22/02, Pierre Delain wrote:
>> On 14/3/02 11:04 pm, Pierre Delain <pdel at> wrote:
>>> I have a stack with about twenty fields. In  two of them (forming a group),
>>> the insertion bar does not appear when I click (of course the fields are not
>>> locked). I don't understand what happens, I search for a while and finally I
>>> discover that if I ungroup those two fields the insertion bar normally
>>> reappears. If I group them again, the bar re-becomes invisible...
>>> How can this strange phenomenon be explained and avoided?
>> Is something layered on top of the group?  Does the group have its "Can
>> receive focus" set to true?
>> Kevin
>Yes "Can received focus" of the group is set to true.
>The layer of the group was 4. If asked for the number of layers. The answer
>was 179. If I set the layer of the group to 180, the insertion bar comes
>back, but disappears in the fields that are not in the same group.
>My conclusion is the following : the insertion bar is visible only in the
>group with the highest layer. This means that if you want to show two fields
>belonging to different groups with different layers, the insertion bar will
>lack in one of them, unless you change the layer. Is it correct?

I created a simple test stack with 1.1.1rc1 where this works. Here's my recipe:

1. create four fields, arranged 2x2 like this:

field1   field2

field3   field4

2. I grouped field1 and field2, and then grouped field3 and field4

Insertion points can be had in all four fields.


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