Insertion Point

Pierre Delain pdel at
Fri Mar 22 07:24:01 EST 2002

> On 14/3/02 11:04 pm, Pierre Delain <pdel at> wrote:
>> I have a stack with about twenty fields. In  two of them (forming a group),
>> the insertion bar does not appear when I click (of course the fields are not
>> locked). I don't understand what happens, I search for a while and finally I
>> discover that if I ungroup those two fields the insertion bar normally
>> reappears. If I group them again, the bar re-becomes invisible...
>> How can this strange phenomenon be explained and avoided?
> Is something layered on top of the group?  Does the group have its "Can
> receive focus" set to true?
> Kevin

Yes "Can received focus" of the group is set to true.

The layer of the group was 4. If asked for the number of layers. The answer
was 179. If I set the layer of the group to 180, the insertion bar comes
back, but disappears in the fields that are not in the same group.

My conclusion is the following : the insertion bar is visible only in the
group with the highest layer. This means that if you want to show two fields
belonging to different groups with different layers, the insertion bar will
lack in one of them, unless you change the layer. Is it correct?



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