stopping shutdown on Mac OS 9

Kevin Miller kevin at
Thu Mar 21 16:28:01 EST 2002

On 14/3/02 3:08 am, Brad Allen <BradAllen at> wrote:

> I'm building a Rev standalone for Mac OS 9 PPC which I'd like to put
> in the Shutdown Items of Mac OS 9 and have it run before the computer
> shuts down. What happens, however, is that my standalone gets
> launched and then immediately quits as the OS tries to shut down all
> running apps.
> How can I get my standalone to protest the shutdown, as do other apps
> that happen to have open unsaved documents? (I tried throwing up a
> modal dialog, but that didn't stop the shutdown.)

I think you probably can intercept the appleEvent message and block the
shutdown from there.


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