a tip for newbies (like me)

BCE mark at bcesouth.com
Wed Mar 20 14:48:01 EST 2002

> > The RIGHT method: (at least for me, on windows)
> >
> > on mouseup
> >     ask file "What file?"
> >     put ("file:" & it) into field "myField"
> > end mouseup
> >
> > Notice the parentheses in the second line --- they make the difference.
> > Otherwise, just the name of the file is put into the field, and not the
> > contents
> Aaaaaiiiii!!  The more I learn the less I know.
> I thought, from the dictionary, that parentheses were just for
> grouping.  Moreover, I thought "file:" was just for URL.
> I have to rethink how I think commands are executed.
> Dar Scott

Me too!  I believe it will work with both "put" and "put URL".  But the
parentheses are apparently the key to using variables there.  There is
probably another way to do it, but that is the only method I know right now.

Mark Paris

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