assign by reference (arrays)?

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Wed Mar 20 09:07:01 EST 2002

on 20/3/02 1:16 PM, Jeanne A. E. DeVoto at jeanne at wrote:

> At 4:57 AM -0800 3/20/2002, Ben Rubinstein wrote:
>> Is there any way to assign by reference?
> Calling parameters by reference:
> If the name of a parameter variable is preceded with the @ character, that
> parameter's value is a variable name, rather than the value in the
> variable. Changing the parameter variable in the called handler changes the
> value of the variable in the calling handler.

Right, I get all that.  My point is that I can do it in a procedure, but I
can't find a way to do it inline.

>> I could do something like this
>> (snip)
>> .... provided that 'dostuffto' was declared to take the first parameter by
>> reference.  But what if want to do the stuff inline?  I tried this:
>> (snip)
>> But this doesn't work
>> (snip)
>> So is there a way to say "put x into y" that means "make 'y' point to the
>> same object as 'x'"???

It seems counter-intuitive that I can make a parameter in subroutine refer
to the same object as a variable in my routine, but I can't make two
variables in my routines do so.

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