help : recording problems

DERRIEN Jean-Luc jlder at
Wed Mar 20 04:11:01 EST 2002

My computer is a Macintosh PPC G4.
How do I write the proper command in a script to record a sound with a

If I use the following script:

record sound file "" with dialog

everything is fine both on Mac OS and on Windows. I can select different
formats and parameters and I get good results with the following

play videoClip ""

Besides, QuicTime recognizes the selected parameters in the "infos about
the file" section.

But waht shall I have to write in a script if I don't want to use the
"with dialog" form?

I tried "record sound file "" as 4CC "ulaw" with good quality"
as indicated in the Documentation. But an error message pops up.
Apparently the 4CC bit is not welcome.
I tried "record sound file "" as "ulaw" with best quality".  I
get no error message, but QuickTime does not recognize the "with best
quality" parameter, which is supposed to stand for 44000 khz and takes a
default value into account instead (11025 khz)
In addition to that, if the recording based on the "record sound file
"" as "ulaw" with best quality" command does work on Mac OS it
doesn't on Windows. There is a loud background noise.

So, How do I write the command starting: "record sound file...." if I
want to use, for inst ance, MAC3 for the compression and 44000 khz as
Jean-Luc Derrien

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