Ah, I see what's happening (was quadra system bloat)

Ken Norris (dialup) pixelbird at interisland.net
Tue Mar 19 13:59:01 EST 2002

on 3/19/02 9:26 AM, Martin Baxter at martin at atwork.bdx.co.uk wrote:

> I've concluded that what's happening on the quadra, and I think the
> screenshot clearly shows this, is that revolution isn't using its own
> application memory partition for documents and data and instead is loading
> them into the operating system's memory partition, at any rate that's how
> it appears to the mac Finder.
I would think you're right, but I'm not sure. It certainly shouldn't install
itself into the system folder at all, but on the desktop (that's where mine
went). Did you copy it from another computer, or DL it from the website?
Actually, it shouldn't matter. It should have ended up in a folder on the
desktop. If that's where it is, though, and it starts using sys memory when
it launches, it must be corrupted somehow.
> Any rate, I do think the system requirements quoted in the "Read Me First"
> file should be revised because they suggest it is possible to run
> revolution development environment on a mac with "24M total" ram, correct
> me if I'm wrong but this is impossible isn't it?
Hmm...maybe that's a holdover from the original 1.0 version. Rev people?

Best regards,
Ken N.

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