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Sivakatirswami katir at
Mon Mar 18 14:41:01 EST 2002

Has anyone created a simple HTML parser that uses the new image link to a
single character and "simulates" a browser to the best of MC's ability?

What I am looking for is to be able to GET a url from the web, a simple
standard html pages with pictures and text.. parse for image references,
assign those to the link property of a characters then display the page in a
scrolling field in MC/REV.

Or course the HTML "gamut" will be restricted to MC's range of tags and
stuff outside that range, like tables, will all be imported  un-rendered,
hopefully just in a running line of images and text. i.e. I want to keep it
simple and not try to shoot the moon with a script that tries to do too
much...all that is needed: text... image.... text...image, images...text
text... images... running down the field... if text can flow around the
image great, if not also no problem. Of course if you have a more robust but
bug free MC "browser" OK...

The context is where we might have a station that has a web connection but
where we want access, surfing etc. to be totally blocked and as such no
browsers will be installed on the station at all...for kiosk and "kid
proof/safe" situations ( I get requests for this facility regularly)

And (maybe we want to start a new thread) is anyone working on applications
for the "future of futures"  i.e. serving MC/Rev stacks on Web TV? i.e. one
day in the not too distant future a family will sit around their TV and they
get sick of some of the raunchy programming they will just switch to a
channel that opens an internet connection and downloads web pages... (the
latter being the myopic vision) but if they could also download an MC/Rev
base multi-media show and be able to click buttons and use menus from the

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