system bloat problem with rev on 68K mac

Martin Baxter martin at
Mon Mar 18 08:14:01 EST 2002

>Ken Norris wrote:
>How did you get 40 mb out of a Quadra 630? Mine maxes out at 32 mb.

The Quadra 630 has 1 72pin simm slot which can take a single 32 mb simm.
Additionally 4 megs of ram is soldered to the motherboard, making a
possible 36megs of physical ram. The extra 4 megs in my case is virtual

>on 3/17/02 8:09 AM, Martin Baxter at martin at wrote:
>> I have an old quadra 630 at home and I thought it would be useful to have
>> revolution installed on it mainly so I could swot-up on the transcript
>> dictionary when I'm at home and thinking about possible ideas.
>So do I. We should collaborate because it's my intention to do the exact
>same thing onthe exact same machine (Quadra 630).

Yes I remember the earlier thread about it. It would be so much better for
people like us if the documentation could stand separately from the
development environment, which I don't really intend to use on the quadra,
it's a dear old thing but not really up to it after all.
[aside: - Actually I would prefer the documentation to be - at least
optionally - separate in any case, I find that having it internal to the
application is just extra clutter in a crowded development environment.
RealBasic documentation is in pdf, and although there are pros and cons to
everything, I prefer that myself, I just think it's more practical.]

>I use Rev on a PB 1400c, 48 mb, 1.2 g drive. The only way I can use Rev at
>all on it is to allocate 128 mb to Virtual RAM. After a lot of frustrating
>experimentation, that's what I had to do to prevent 'soft' crashes. Anything
>less and sooner or later the system would hang indefinitely, requiring a
>forced restart. Of course, that means it's pretty slow,

That's very interesting. Have you looked at the "About this computer"
dialog in the Finder to see what's happening? This sounds like exactly
what's happening here, but since you have more VM allocated, it just takes
longer for the system to fill it all up and choke.

Normally the memory used by the system fluctuates, which is why you have to
leave it some free ram to work in. In "About this computer" you can
normally watch it's memory usage going up and down as you do things.

When you are running revolution however, you can only watch the system's
memory usage going up, and up, and up, and up until it has used up all the
available space. meanwhile, revolution's application memory can be almost
empty or unused.

Interested parties might want to see
<> where I have posted
screenshots of the "About this computer" dialog before launching revolution
on the quadra and after it has choked because the system ran out of ram.


m a r t i n

martin baxter Cambridge UK

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