Control click = right mouse click on Mac?

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Mon Mar 18 10:29:01 EST 2002

I just realized that my application that uses the right mouse click for 
Windows needs to be 'tweaked' for the Mac. When I use the control-click 
command on my Mac, it is automatically triggering a popup that was only 
intended for my Windows version...

on mouseDown theClick

 if theClick = 3 then
   popup my pop_Up
  do nothing
 end if

end mouseDown

Unfortunately, I was using the control-click for something else.

Is there a work around? I guess I could check the platform...or just delete 
that line for my Mac 'version' of the application, but I will take any other 
suggestions for keeping my code universal!

The new Mac version of Revolution is much improved !    ;-)


(on both Mac & Windows)

It does seem that Geometry Manager has it's 'horizontal' and 'vertical' 
orientation backwards (maybe it's just me). See if the up/down left/right 
constraining 'tip' is correct...

Locking an object (specifically a scrollbar) to the right of my card threw 
everything out of place. So far out of place that all objects were off the 
card (as if they exploded!). I am using the 'resizer' object from the library 
for my window (decorations are off).

The text margins for Mac are consistently 'off' from Windows by at least 3. I 
always have to tweak the text (can you tell I am creating on a PC, and then 
migrating to my Mac?)...can this be a default setting?

Hilighting is different on the Mac. If I have a field that has a black 
background with light blue text (for example), and the hilighting is set to 
the same color as the text (on Windows) the text changes to you 
can see the text. On my Mac, the text stays the same color (making it 
disappear). I like the way this works on my PC, can I do this on the Mac?

Selecting an object still takes several clicks when you have the properties 
palette open. I would prefer not to have the text selected by default when 
the properties palette is 'activated'.

If I have a socket open, and I go into the editing mode (usually a script) 
for any length of time, I loose the capability to receive data (sending still 
works though).

There is still an enormous amount of contention when sending (quickly) to a 
socket from a mouseDown handler on the Mac. I am not using a 'handshaking' 
method (just kind of 'screaming' at the port) but this works perfectly on my 
PC (even my Win '95 PC). If you move the mouse around while it is down (while 
the repeat loop is running - on the Mac) the contention goes away (i.e the 
sending happens normally).

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