Can I resize properties > field?

Victor Eijkhout eijkhout at
Sun Mar 17 11:08:01 EST 2002

I want to take a look at the contents of a field in the properties 
box. Problem is that the lines in the field are pretty long, and the 
properties box is pretty narrow, so it's hard to read because of the 

It seems I can only resize the properties dialog vertically, not 
horizontally, if I'm looking at the field contents. (Why? After all I 
resize both ways when I'm looking at the script.) I've tried resizing 
while holding every modifier key and combo on my keyboard but no 
luck. Help?

Victor Eijkhout <eijkhout at>
tel: 865 974 9308 (W), 865 673 6998 (H), 865 974 8296 (F)

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