What's your vector, Victor? SVG

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What's your vector, Victor? SVGI am currently working on the very thing --- an SVG parser and renderer.
Prototypes are provided at http://www.cycast.com/example.html

since the 2D algorithm were implemented from scratch without using platform
dependent code... it will be portable to Mac, Unix, or PocketPC.

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  Greg Saylor  said:
  *snip* However, I am no artist and the existing graphics are already in a
  vector-based format.  At first I was going to write the parser for one of
  these vector formats inside of Revolution itself, but then I realized that
  this would be overkill.

  I work on a Mac, and am a refugee from SuperCard, so what I do is save the file out of a CAD program as a pict file (which preserves its vector objects), and import that into SC.  I then run a SC program to write a text file out that describes each object.  I use that text file in a MC program to then convert the file to MC vector objects/text fields, and in the case of text fields, to assign them a name corresponding to their respective textData.  Primative, round about, and it means you translate any 24-bit color into 8 bit color when it gets imported into SC, and re-translate it back to RGB when you create the object in MC, but it beats redrawing everything.

  Be happy to shoot you these "wonders" of programming "art" if you want to contact me off-list.

  about SVG:
  I've been trading e-mails with Scott (and Kevin) about importing vectors, and the possibility of adding Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to the MC engine.  When/if MC adds SVG capability, any CAD program that can save objects in SVG format (as can Illustrator, among several others), will give us something we can import. 

  Details are being kicked around, but it might not hurt to get folks interested in such to toss in their two-bitsS..
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