"link" text

Shao Sean shaosean at unitz.ca
Fri Mar 15 03:34:01 EST 2002

has anyone else noticed that having two "linked" (grouped) texts beside each
other, with no space, will link the two together

-- in a button
on mouseUp
  set the htmlText of field "New Field 1" to \
     "<a href="&quote&"moo"&quote&">1</a>" & \
     "<a href="&quote&"oink"&quote&">2</a>"
end mouseUp

-- in a field (called "New Field 1")
on linkClicked pText
  put pText
end linkClicked

this will put "12" into the field, with a linkText different for both
numbers (1=moo, 2=oink).. yet when i click on 2 it says "moo" instead of

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