Scanning machines on a network

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Mon Mar 11 20:11:01 EST 2002

> My tinkering with Revolution has gotten to UDP.  I have been able
> get UDP working, so I think the above can be done in Revolution.
> However, I don't have a way to get the local IP, yet.  (Receiving
> UDP is weird; at least it is the way I did it.)

Here is a script to get your local IP address and store it in a field:

local testSock

on mouseUp
  put line 1 of hostnametoaddress("")& ":80|testSocket" \
      into testSock
  open socket to testSock with message "socketReady"
end mouseUp

on socketReady pSock
  put hostAddress(pSock) into fld "Local IP address"
  close socket testSock
end socketReady


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