Constraining 'grab'

David Vaughan drvaughan55 at
Thu Mar 7 22:12:01 EST 2002

On Friday, March 8, 2002, at 11:13 , Ken Norris (dialup) wrote:
>> The drag sample stack illustrates item 3 above.  If you still have not
>> downloaded this stack, do so.  You'll probably find it useful.
> ----------
> This is the main thing. I was able to download the binary text, but I
> haven't been able to convert it. I've tried several methods, option 
> clicking
> the link, etc., with no success. Any other suggestions?


I tried e-mailing it to you but evidently you have not picked it up. It 
is only 4KB. Is your E-mail: pixelbird at
? Else let me know your proper address and I will send it again.

> It's fast becoming an easier thing to handwrite it into a script.
> Best regards,
> Ken N.
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