Time field (please help)

Terry Vogelaar terry at discovery.nl
Sun Mar 3 14:23:01 EST 2002

> Question:  What happens when the user goes to another card or another
> stack?  Must one take some action on closeCard/closeStack to stop
> updateTime from continuing to send messages every second?
> I suppose so long as there is no updateTime handler in the current message
> hierarchy the last updateTime message will not be handled; however, in
> general I'm leary of starting continuous loops without scripting a means to
> stop the loop if desired or necessary.  And, in truth, I don't know what
> RunRev does when instructed to send a message to a control that is no
> longer in the message hierarchy.
> Can someone reduce my fooleshness on this subject?

I wondered about this myself too. I must admit I didn't try it yet. But this
technique is the advised scripting technique to avoid 'on idle'. So if it
would create an infinate loop, it wouldn't be 'better' then 'on idle', but


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