OT - Sound Editing on OSX

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Wed Jun 19 13:02:01 CDT 2002

Recently, I wrote:

>> (Unfortunately OSX appears to have [yet another] bug that causes audio
>> to cut out periodically.  sigh.)

Here's one (heinous) workaround for the OSX sound drop-out issue in MC/Rev.
Capture the level of the beep volume, set the beep volume to a very low
number, play a beep, and the restore the beep volume.  I'm guessing this
works because it forces the OS play a "required" sound.  In my tests,
setting the beep volume to 0 did not solve the problem (it must be at least
10), nor did setting the system volume level.  So far, the only fix I've
found is via the following method (there may be others):

(This can be called by a resumeStack handler and/or intermittently when the
stack is idle)

on fixAudio
  put the beepLoudness into tLevel
  set the beepLoudness to 10
  set the beepLoudness to tLevel
end fixAudio

Disclaimer: I only claimed this can work; I did not claim it was pretty.


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