Saving files problem in WIN

guy jacquesson guy.jacquesson at
Mon Jun 17 21:02:01 EDT 2002


I'm in trouble saving stacks under Windows.
I have an app and many stacks using it; when the user change from one 
stack to another via a menu btn, I have a short script with

save <stackName>

where <stackName> is the SHORT name of my stack.
It works fine under OS X, but with Windows, the screen freezes. I have 
tested that only for now through a PC-emulator (Virtual PC 5.03).
I don't know wether the problem comes from the emulator, from my code or 
RunRev itself?

Maybe <stackName> MUST be a complete file name, not just the "name" of 
my stack?

Could anyone tell me if the save command is OK with windows?

many thanks

Guy Jacquesson

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