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You are correct in thinking that HyperTalk and Transcript are very similar.  In fact, being fluent in HyperTalk, I literally just downloaded the Rev Starter Kit and wrote scripts in what I remembered of HyperTalk.  Indeed, when I describe Rev to other people who are interested in migrating from HyperCard I tell them Rev is essentially a superset of HyperTalk (ie. works like HT but with added functions).

As for learning Rev via learning HT, your best bet is to start with Danny Goodman's book on Hypercard--I forget the name but it is probably the best known book about HC.  Reading the first several chapters will really help you get into the way stacks and messaging hierarchy work, etc.  It has an excellent glossary commands almost all of which work in Rev. (much like the Rev Transcript dictionary but with different examples that you might find compliment (sp?) the examples in the Rev dox.

Of course, having a hard copy of the Rev dox--either purchased or printed yourself(all 2000 or so pages)is also a big help. 

Let me know if you need more info re: Goodman's book--I still have mine and refer to it frequently. 


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I've stumbled onto Revolution and am trying to make sense of it.  I do not 
have a Hypercard background but from what I can tell, Transcript syntax 
seems to be closer to HyperTalk than anything else.  Would a HyperTalk 
book  be the way to go?  Several are available on my local library's shelf 
(though from the late 80s).  Are there any online HyperTalk tutorials (a 
Google search hasn't been very helpful) and what pitfalls should I be aware 
of regarding HyperTalk vs. Transcript?  I found a Hypertalk vs. Pascal page 
which was interesting due to my Borland Delphi background, but tinkering 
with the syntax of Revolution scripts (even after doing the tutorials) has 
proven to be quite frustrating and the help docs seem to be written for 
those "in the know" (and I'm fairly good at deciphering UNIX man pages so I 
really suspect there's some disconnect going on here that I need to discover).

Also, is rendering Mac apps on anything other than the Mac platform 
impossible, or is it a feature that will be introduced eventually?

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