joking right?

Dreamscape Software webmaster at
Fri Jun 7 12:09:00 CDT 2002

> Folks, I do want to hear *all* feedback anyone has on these issues, but
> list is really meant for discussing using Revolution and it is important
> keep it focused on that, because that is what most people want to read
> about.  My mail box is a good place for this <kevin at>, and pro
> users have their own discussion group too.

In which case, would it be better to setup some sort of Message Board so
that users who want to discuss the various topics can get to them as soon as
possible?  For example, you could setup the following categories...

    Internet Functions
    General Questions

Well, you get the point.  At least this way there is an area that users can
discuss what they love (and unfortunately, the things they don't love) about
MetaCard/Revolution, and it's seperate from the rest of the discussions.  It
also allows users to get the answers that they need faster (they don't have
to sift through 50 e-mails a day).

Please understand Kevin that this is not an attack against you.  I'm just
suggesting some ideas that can make the user supported groups a little bit
more organized and fluid. :-)

Derek Bump
Dreamscape Software, Inc.

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