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Ken Norris (dialup) pixelbird at
Fri Jun 7 11:58:00 CDT 2002

on 6/7/02 9:36 AM, Dreamscape Software at webmaster at

>> Just to keep the record straight, HyperCard runs just fine under OS 9.0.4.
> I wish I could agree with that, but I've had to rewrite my programs 2 or 3
> times just to try to make them work properly on MacOS 9, and they still
> never did.
I haven't had any problems with either HC or RR under OS9 that had anything
to do with the OS. A few memory issues with RR but nothing particular to OS9

Can you give us an example of a problem you've had with HC that you think is
a OS-related? It might affect a transfer into RR.

Ken N.

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