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Wed Jun 5 22:05:01 CDT 2002

Le 4/06/02 12:23, « Mark Mitchell » <mark_mitchell at> a écrit :

> Under Mac OSX, a truly universal, multi-lingual OS (wonderful!) there is a way
> to set, under system
> preferences, how different languages shold be 'treated' for the purposes of
> sorting, etc.  
> I wonder what effect that would have on your rev app sorting?

But we have had this for near 15 years! I started with a mac 128; when the
'mac +' popped up, we could parameter the language in the control panel
(keyboard configuration and text processing) and use the keyCap control
panel according to it. Later on, system 7 put the little flag beside the
application menu and we have been allowed to change language on the fly.
But, in the beginning, this was not normally included in the domestic US
market; you had to apply for the "international resources".

And we have been allowed to customize this with resedit as well, quite user
friendly, to make new keyboard mappings and flag icons to select them. I
designed several of these resources for special purposes.

But, so far, this customizing is  not possible with Mac OS X.

I am stuck with system 9 anyway: I am converting from HyperCard, going back
and forth. HC doesn't work very well with Sys. 9 and not at all with sys X,
as far as I know.



I am having lots of troubles with the provider. Excuse me if you already
received this mail. :-(

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