peter.fink at tiscali.ch peter.fink at tiscali.ch
Sun Jul 21 06:23:01 EDT 2002

Someone wrote:
>Definitely so far an excellent looking product.

>I wish I had some tutorial info on PDF's that I could read on my laptop
>outside of the help system.  The only other PDF's I found on the web were
for >the Reference manual, and that doesn't make for very fun cover-to-cover
>reading.   :-)

If you are new to the concepts of Revolution: you may want to start with
a commercial book about Hypercard, and do just the official tutorials from
Revolution. The third-party books about Revolution do not yet exist. I'm
quite sure you can use most HC books alongside the RR software. It would
even help to get the HC reference and HC script reference manuals, mine
are of 1993 and older. As a RR user, I find the online docs better than
the PDF's. The PDF is good for searching and getting an overview. 


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