Bug in Scolling Text Field?

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at cogapp.com
Thu Jul 11 13:37:14 EDT 2002

on 8/7/02 6:40 pm, Dan Shafer at dan at danshafer.com wrote:

> I created a one-card stack to test the htmltext property. I put a
> scolling field in place and a button. Scripted the button to retrieve
> a URL and then put it into the field using the htmltext property.
> The scrolling field stubbornly refuses to scroll. I see the
> scrollbar. But it never becomes active, whether I click in the field
> or not, whether I try to drag the scroller. Nothing. I found that if
> I went into edit mode and resized the field slightly, then it worked.
> Clearly a bug, no?

There is a known bug in Rev 1.1.1r2 - it's intermittent, but some situations
provoke it more often than not.  Actually there are two, either or both of
which can occur; sometimes the field is drawn inactive when you set the
htmlText.   (This occasionally happens in the  main documentation stack,
when you filter terms for the Transcript Dictionary - workaround there is to
use the little arrows to go next, then previous - it then redraws

In your own code, for now I use the following code fragment to work around
both bugs:

    set the htmlText of fld fName to fVal
    set the enabled of fld fName to the enabled of fld it -- w/a 1.1.1r2 bug
    if the vScrollbar of fld fName then -- w/a another 1.1.1r2 bug
        set the vScrollbar of fld fName to false
        set the vScrollbar of fld fName to true
    end if

(Just setting the 'enabled' property seems to fix that problem, even though
you're not changing the value.  For scrollbar, it's necessary to toggle it
off and on again.)

I think you can expect this bug to be fixed in a future release.

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