Persistent data?

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Thu Jan 31 13:54:01 EST 2002

At 11:48 AM -0500 1/31/02, Gary Robinson wrote:
>I have a recollection that that was hard to do with early Hypercard, because
>such a stack would have its top record visible to the user. You seem to be
>implying that that is not the case in Revolution, that you can have a stack
>that is just used as a database and is not part of the UI?


>Does the find facility involve any kind of an index, or does it actually
>have to check every card in the stack to see if it meets criteria?

It's not indexed. Obviously it depends on the amount of data, but it's very fast, because it's RAM-based.

>> You can
>> also store data in external files and pull their information in as needed,
>> and store media such as images in external files that can be referenced
>> from within a stack.
>But is there an easy way to store such data in a file that allows keyed
>access, such as Python's shelf library allows?

Not sure what you mean, but I've used the filter command on data sets up to ten thousand rows with no problems.



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