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Wed Jan 30 13:15:02 EST 2002

On 29/1/02 8:00 pm, Carsten Levin <carstenlist at> wrote:

> When opening an ordinary .rev file by double clicking it - without first
> opening Revolution - it doesnt run correctly. It needs to be saved as a
> distribution file before behaving well on its own ... and I am not talking
> about saving as a stand-alone app.
> But the file saved as a distribution file can still be edited in Revolution.
> I can see a clear advantage in working with a file saved as a distribution
> file, since it can always test as a final solution without having to be
> saved as a distribution first.
> But are there any reasons not to do so?

Not that I'm aware of - the only difference between the building a file
based distribution and the real standalone (assuming you use Distribution
Builder to do both) is that in the file distribution the main stackFile will
not be locked, but when it is attached to the standalone it will be (so you
must use stacks saved in a data directory to save changes, see the note in
the Tip of the Week section of our web site for more details).  Oh, and the
directory will be different - it is set on startup to the location of the

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