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Windows uses different Icon sizes which have to be stored into the
it depends on the color settings of the system which version it chooses.
You need the following 'standards' for the two icon-sizes of windows:

16x16, 16 colors (bah! but e.g. Windows NT likes these a lot)
32x32, 16 colors (uhh!)
32x32, 256 colors

You may add other - more colorfull icons but this is the basic set. A
suitable application for doing this is Microangelo. It is not expensive (it
is free for 30 days, I think) and always suited my deeds in a pleasent
manner :-)

For Macs you do not need a special application to embed icons in


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> Hi,
> First of all I apologize for asking this question again. I 
> seem to have lost
> the previous list response. :-(
> I am building an app for distribution on both Mac and PC platforms.
> As I recal The Mac app icon is 32 by 32 pixels
> How big is the Win app icon?
> What format must this graphic be?
> Any bit depth considerations of which I need be aware?
> I assume that this graphic is associated with the file using the
> distribution builder right?
> Do I do the same thing with the Mac icon or do I need to 
> create a resource
> fork and install using resEdit?
> Thanks
> Steve
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