Hardwiring Relative directories/Windoz CD caveat

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Tue Jan 29 16:23:00 EST 2002

There is one caveat to what Geoff describes below, which is basically 100%
correct *but* on some windoz systems if the Rev player or standalone is on
the root level of a CD...  windoz's may not necessarily know where it is and
directory paths are not correctly returned to Rev... solution (found after
many hours of struggle/bewilderment until some young geek explained the
problem which was a bug also experienced by other apps trying to run from
CD's on windows...i.e. it is not a REV problem)

Solution: Do not put your stand alone/rev player on the top level of  a CD
if you expect to run  that CD on a diversity of windozs machines/systems.
Put *everything* inside a folder. This has the "uncool" consequence of
forcing the user to open the folder first to get started... but (if you are
into icons) to look really professional just give the folder its own
unique-to-this-app  "logo" icon ...the same one as the standalone itself.
Then the user opens the folder, and finds the standalone (with the same
icon) on the top level with other resources folders beside it and then all
of the following works perfectly:

> If you plan to build a standalone (rather than a stack) then this is much
> easier. The directory defaults to the directory containing the application --
> when you are developing in Revolution, it is the directory that contains
> Revolution, when you build a standalone, it is the directory that contains the
> standalone. So, when you run as a stack,
> "soundz/new.wav" 
> refers to a file "new.wav" that is in a folder "soundz" which is in the same
> directory as the Revolution application. When you run as a standalone, it
> refers to the file "new.wav" in the folder "soundz" in the same folder as the
> standalone.
> If you locate your resources in a folder relative to the Revolution
> application, and then in a folder relative to the standalone, you don't have
> to do anything to reference relative paths.

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