Playing Sound Clips

Mike Brown mike at
Tue Jan 29 13:49:01 EST 2002

Hi Geoff,

Could you provide an example of how the playStopped message can be properly
implemented?  I have looked through the documentation but can not find a
practical example of how to use it.

Mike Brown
Cyber-NY Interactive
mike at

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> Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 10:15:06 -0800
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> Subject: Re: Playing Sound Clips
> At 12:12 PM -0500 1/29/02, Gene Kennedy wrote:
>> Can someone please enlighten me regarding the playing of sound files in RR.
>> I have a
>> number of voice recordings that I would like to piece together in my script
>> and then play
>> the selected clips in rapid succession.  How can I tell when a sound clip is
>> through
>> playing so that I can start playing the next clip right away?
> Check out the playStopped message, or use the sound function and
> (check out send in the help).
> regards,
> Geoff
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