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You can make it yourself by using Geoff Canyon's "RTFer" stack - the link is on RunRev's user contributions page at - as that page explains:

"This stack converts the Revolution documentation to a either a single Rich Text Format (RTF) file, a single text file, or an HTML file. Very useful if you want to print the Revolution documentation."

Once you get the documentation into text format, you can use your word processor to polish it up any way you want, then print it out. I've also produced the HTML version of the documentation with Geoff's stack - the stack produces very nice HTML files, judging from the ones I checked out. There was a post recently to the effect that Geoff is working on an update to the stack.

Tommy Simmons
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  When i try to print the transcript manual, it comes out as triple spaced on windows.

  Where can i find printable documentaion?


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