Standalone script limitation?

JohnRule at JohnRule at
Mon Jan 28 10:01:01 EST 2002

I read on this group (a while back) that there is a limitation to the stacks 
created with a stand-alone engine. Is this true? Where is the specification 
for this?

I believe the limitation was the same 10 line limitation in the un-registered 
version of Revolution. If this is true, then I have a few questions:

What happens to a button that is cut and pasted from the stand-alone that has 
a significant amount of 'lines' of commands?

What happens if I open this 'limited' stack in a licensed copy of 
Revolution...edit this stack (adding more lines of commands)...and then open 
this in a stand-alone engine?

What happens if I add to this 'edited' stack from within the stand-alone 

Thank you,

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