Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Thu Jan 24 14:08:00 EST 2002

At 7:21 PM +0100 1/24/02, Pierre Delain wrote:
>> go stack "newStack" in the window of stack "currentStack"
>> Do the docs really say "set the topstack to the defaultstack?" I would think
>> "set the defaultStack to the topStack" would be more likely.
>In the transcript Dictionary, you can find both expressions :
>    - in the article "defaultStack property", you have  "set the
>defaultstack to the topStack" (mean which stack is "this stack")
>    - in the article "topStack function", you have "set the topStack to the
>defaultStack". As far as I understand, it means that if you want your stack
>to be seen in the active window on the top of the other stacks, this script
>should work...

I don't think that's right -- you can't set a function like that.

>What I want to do is very simple : sometimes, after a script, the stack I
>want to use is behind the other stacks. I would like it to come
>automatically in the front, in its own window. "Go stack XXX in new window"
>do not work.

If it's already open and you just want to to come to the front:

go stack XXX



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