Password protecting to hide data

Richard D. Miller wow at
Wed Jan 23 16:42:01 EST 2002

I'm interested in this idea of password protecting the stack, but it's not
clear from the documentation how this is done. The documentation says it's
best to do the password protecting during distribution build. But the
builder just gives on option to Encrypt With Password, indicating that that
process would apply to all six of the stacks I'm including in my build. I
can't find any documentation to specifically cover the Distribution Builder
and the Encrypt With Password option, so I've got little to go on.

I've tried the following:

1. I created a new stack with one field. I put a few lines in the field and
set the password property. Nothing appears to change. The data in the field
is still as visible as before. When I get the password, it indicates it has
stored my password, but I see no encryption.

2. I created a new stack. Then I put that stack through the distribution
builder using the Encrypt option and saving it as a file (not a standalone).
Again, I have no problem opening that stack and seeing all the data in it,
yet it also says my password is in there.

What am I missing?


> Another option is continue using the source file externally but either
> 1) encoding it, such as using base 64 or some other encoding scheme
> and/or compression, or 2) placing the data within a user property of a
> stack, and password protecting the stack.
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