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Sun Jan 6 00:00:01 CST 2002

Recently, Richard D. Miller wrote:

> Thanks for the suggestion, but I was thinking of some a little bit
> a true find or search command (which seems to be SORELY
> lacking from Rev). The routine you propose is WAY too slow for my needs. It
> might work ok for a few hundred lines, but not for thousands.

Perhaps you could define what "WAY too slow" is.  By searching a variable
instead of the field itself, MC's processing time is significantly reduced.
MC is quite fast in this regard; you may wish to try some tests.

As a small test of my own, I made a field, filled it with 5000 lines of
random numbers, and ran the routine I suggested to find all occurrences of
the number 10.  On a 450mHz Mac, MC returns the result in 1.016 seconds.
Doesn't seem too slow to me...


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