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Thanks for the suggestion, but I was thinking of some a little bit a true find or search command (which seems to be SORELY
lacking from Rev). The routine you propose is WAY too slow for my needs. It
might work ok for a few hundred lines, but not for thousands.


> Recently, Richard D. Miller wrote:
>> 2. I have a field with 500 lines, each line containing a number. How do I
>> find all the lines which equal one particular value? Is there anything
>> easier and faster than using something like the offset command in a loop?
> If I understand your question, one way could be like the following:
> put myValue into N
> put fld myField into tData
> put empty into tSummary
> repeat with x = 1 to the number of lines of tData
> if line x of tData = N then put x & "," after tSummary
> end repeat
> delete last char of tSummary
> The variable tSummary should contain a comma delimited list of all line
> numbers in your field which match your test value.
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