Mac menus and stack resizing

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Wed Jan 2 05:45:01 CST 2002

on 1/1/02 12:58 AM, Stuart Milliken at stuart_milliken at wrote:

> I'm having trouble with the automatic stack resizing feature that hides the
> menu buttons for Mac menus.  On some (but not all) stacks, the stack keeps
> resizing smaller and smaller every time the stack opens--like the feature
> can't figure out that it's already hidden the buttons before.  I've tried
> un-setting the button group as the menu and then re-setting it, but the
> behavior persists. I haven't found mention of this in back issues of the
> use-rev list--anyone else have this problem?

Yes.  Very annoying.

> Any way to get it to stop? (I'm using 1.1 on Mac System 8.6)

Not that I've found, on 1.0 or 1.1 on MacOS 9.1.  The best I could do,
provided you have a fixed height that you want the stack to be, was to add
an openstack handler that reset the stack height every time.  Note that it
doesn't work if you do this in preopenstack, so it's visible to the users.
And if you want the stack to be different sizes in different contexts, as I
did, it all gets more ugly.

However, I sent RunRev a small repro demo, and they verified it, so fixing
this should be _somewhere_ in their to-do list.
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