OS 9.1

Greg Wills gwills at ozemail.com.au
Tue Feb 26 05:53:01 EST 2002

Greetings all

My apology for not paying attention at the time (You know how it is, 
don't attend unless it is relevant to you. I do remember some 
discussion ages ago about OS 9.x).

I have installed OS 9.1 (to run iMovie2) from OS 9 and Rev is finding 
life very difficult.

For example.
	The cursor spends a number of seconds flickering between 
arrow and hand if I go from Browser tool to Pointer tool or 
everything just stalls for some time.
	Occasionally when opening object properties one layer (eg 
script) "tears" away from the rest and won't unstick from the mouse. 
Or when resizing the script window the bottom right corner won't 
unstick from the mouse.
	The best fun to watch is the color pallet. When this is 
opened (with an object selected) the cursor flickers, then there is a 
"light show" with random scanning of the colors swatches being 
highlighted. This goes on for some time. Stimulating to watch, but 
less than useful.
	Rev is generally running so slow.

Is there a solution to this or will this be fixed in Rev 1.1.1? Or is 
it an OS 9.1 problem?


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