Drawing speed

Jim Hurley jphurley at jps.net
Fri Feb 22 13:08:01 EST 2002

Glen Yates wrote:

>Interesting little speed test, I get 102 ticks in MC on a 933MHz Pentium 3,
>and 161 ticks on a 400MHz B&W G3 (with Retrospect running in the
>Try running in thousands of colors instead of millions, and you should see a
>good speed increase from your 265 ticks.
>-Glen Yates

Thanks for the comparisons. Actually I *am* running in thousands of 
colors. Those test were made on a rather slow 233 MHz G3 PowerBook. 
But I used it for both the RR and HC tests.

Both applications are quicker on my desktop G3 (350 MHz). HC takes 11 
ticks to draw the  figure and RR 160 ticks. About the same as yours 
in MC. In any event, a big difference between MC and HC.

There is an evolutionary moral here: Color does not come without a 
price. Dogs see much better in the dark than we do. They are color 
blind however. We see glorious color but are nearly blind in the 
dark.  Life is full of tradeoffs.

Jim Hurley

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