Help needed with popup menu...

yves COPPE yvescoppe at
Fri Feb 1 02:34:01 EST 2002

>I am planing to program a popup menu (hierarchical if
>possible) which interacts with a locked field, or the
>clicked line of this field, or even an item of this
>clicked line.
>I have understood that I need at least an intermediary
>button with this menu property in order to simulate
>a popup field.
>How can I:
>- choose a font size for this popup menu?
>- choose a loc for the poping (or pre-select an item)?
>- get some result of the user choosen item (sub item)
>of this menu?
>Sylvain Bouju
>sbouju at

font size : select your object with the pointer tool, choose the font 
size you want in the text menu
pre-select an item : look at the menuhistory property in the 
transcript dictionary
get some result of the user choosen item : get the selectectedtext of 
your object

For a hierarchical menu :
type the parent item then return and tab and type your submenu : it 
will appear as a submenu.



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