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Tue Dec 31 20:32:02 EST 2002

At 2:26 AM -0800 12/30/02, Graham Samuel wrote:
>In the menu docs (Revo 1.1.1), there's an item called "Creating a
>stack menu". The implication is/may be that there's a kind of menu
>which isn't a stack menu - a menu for the whole app, perhaps.

A stack menu is a menu that's built in the form of a stack window, rather
than a button.

When you click the button, instead of building a menu out of the text in
the button, Rev pops up the designated stack window and lets you interact
with it as though it were a menu. Stack windows are more cumbersome to
create, because you have to build them item by item, but they give you a
lot of flexibility in layout and design.

To see a stack menu in action, open any stack's Properties palette and
click the Stacks tab. The graphical menu that pops up when you click the
"Window Decorations" menu on that tab is an example of a stack menu.

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