Max image size

Glenn E Fisher gfisher4 at
Mon Dec 30 06:39:01 EST 2002

Hello all,

Is there a max size to import an image (jpg or png) for RR?
I have a large 12 MB jpg file that will not display correctly after being
imported or just referenced by the filename of an image.  It looks like
the horizontal hold is not working (:-) old TV set) as all the scan lines
are multi-colored garbage.
I have tried converting it to png and changing the color bit size, but
nothing that I have tried has helped.  It displays fine with other 

I am using a G4 tower with 512MB of RAM on MacOS X v10.1.5 with
RR 1.1.1.

Thanks for any advice.
Happy New Year to all,

Glenn E. Fisher	University of Houston - Retired
22402 Diane Dr.	Spring, Tx 77373
Fisher at

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