automatic way to create new card with no groups?

Mark Swindell mdswindell at
Tue Dec 31 15:29:01 EST 2002

on 12/31/02 11:35 AM, Dar Scott at dsc at wrote:

> On Tuesday, December 31, 2002, at 11:59 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>>>>> Is there such a thing?
>>>> Shared groups (a.k.a. "backgrounds") are only placed on a new card
>>>> if the
>>>> card open when the create command was issues has them, and their
>>>> backgroundBehavior is true.
>>> This is true, but requires taking all the groups and resetting their
>>> background behavior properties to false (and then resetting them to
>>> true if
>>> you want them to copy their grps in the future).  What about creating
>>> a
>>> fresh card without having to go through this?
>> That's by far the simpler of the two options.
> But is that really an option?
> The simplest I know of is to "New Card" and then remove unwanted groups.
> Perhaps a menu option "New Empty Card" or something like that is a good
> suggestion.  An alternative suggestion is a popup or menu item to
> remove _all_ selected groups or maybe all groups on the card.
> I have recently learned that it is possible to share groups without
> backgroundBehavior set to true.  I think I would be better off with an
> option to not have this property changed when a group is placed.  Then
> new cards are always blank if I never set it.  I can then place the
> ones I want.  I can also then forget about the special path behavior.
> "Stationary" cards can also help and can work well with the idea of
> (effectively) not setting backgroundBehavior on creating a new card.
> In this case, in Rev backgroundBehavior is only for those who need the
> special path behavior.
> Now that I've made four Rev suggestions (not the right place for them,
> I know), I expect someone will mention a quick way to create a blank
> card.
> Dar Scott

Using the application overview window I was able to create a new card and
remove all groups pretty easily... select all in the groups overview...
remove.  (Although the group names didn't all hilite with the select all
(command-A) they did all disappear).  So that's not very cumbersome, but I
think some form of  a menuitem with "New Card...No Groups" would be even


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