automatic way to create new card with no groups?

Dar Scott dsc at
Tue Dec 31 14:41:01 EST 2002

On Tuesday, December 31, 2002, at 11:59 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

>>>> Is there such a thing?
>>> Shared groups (a.k.a. "backgrounds") are only placed on a new card 
>>> if the
>>> card open when the create command was issues has them, and their
>>> backgroundBehavior is true.
>> This is true, but requires taking all the groups and resetting their
>> background behavior properties to false (and then resetting them to 
>> true if
>> you want them to copy their grps in the future).  What about creating 
>> a
>> fresh card without having to go through this?
> That's by far the simpler of the two options.

But is that really an option?

The simplest I know of is to "New Card" and then remove unwanted groups.

Perhaps a menu option "New Empty Card" or something like that is a good 
suggestion.  An alternative suggestion is a popup or menu item to 
remove _all_ selected groups or maybe all groups on the card.

I have recently learned that it is possible to share groups without 
backgroundBehavior set to true.  I think I would be better off with an 
option to not have this property changed when a group is placed.  Then 
new cards are always blank if I never set it.  I can then place the 
ones I want.  I can also then forget about the special path behavior.

"Stationary" cards can also help and can work well with the idea of 
(effectively) not setting backgroundBehavior on creating a new card.  
In this case, in Rev backgroundBehavior is only for those who need the 
special path behavior.

Now that I've made four Rev suggestions (not the right place for them, 
I know), I expect someone will mention a quick way to create a blank 

Dar Scott

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