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Mon Dec 30 06:11:00 EST 2002

Graham Samuel wrote:

> In the menu docs (Revo 1.1.1), there's an item called "Creating a
> stack menu". The implication is/may be that there's a kind of menu
> which isn't a stack menu - a menu for the whole app, perhaps. AFAIKS,
> there are only stacks in Revo (no concept of an overarching project
> as in SuperCard). Given this, what do developers feel is the norm for
> the place of a menu bar in a stack file? I mean the group which will
> be the main bar for a conventional-looking application: in a stack of
> its own, in the mainstack, in a stack which is always open, or what?
> This is perhaps a style question rather than a technical one, but I'd
> like to know what people feel is good style in this respect.

There was a thread on this a while back:

Seems most folks use a quasi-MDI approach, with a common set of menus in a
detached window.

I've used that muyself once, but I prefer to have the menus attached to the
window whener practical.

The enable/disable routines can indeed be tedous to write, but you do it
once and never have to think about it again.

As an alternative you could show/hide menus at the top of windows on
Windows, and set the menubar property of the stack to the appropriate set
for Mac.

What sort of app are you making, and how many windows does it have?

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