groups and background

Dar Scott dsc at
Thu Dec 26 14:15:01 EST 2002

On Wednesday, December 25, 2002, at 01:01 AM, UDI wrote:

> -->
> If you want a handler in a groupユs script to affect only the objects in
> the group, place the following statement at the beginning of the 
> handler:
>    if the owner of the target is not me then pass message
> This filters out any objects that are not part of the group.
> <--

(I find the artifact of a katakana character (yu?) in the quoted 
material interesting.)

I think this help would be clearer if it said "background" rather than 
"group".  Both the scripting language and the documentation seem to be a 
little free in interchanging these; no doubt those who have grown up 
with cards can tell from context, but it slows me down.

This idea is a good one.  However, I think it applies only to controls 
directly owned by the background.  It doesn't help with messages sent to 
the background, or to controls owned by by groups within the background.

I'm about to make a stack that can use backgrounds.  Unfortunately, with 
the multicard placement comes the inconsistent message path.

Dar Scott

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