Printing problem

Andre Rombauts andre.rombauts at
Sun Dec 22 11:43:00 EST 2002

Le 22/12/2002 16:42, Rob Cozens à rcozens at a écrit:

>> I understand that LF & CR are differently translated on Win & Mac platforms.
> All text file (and field) line endings in RAM are numToChar(10) on
> all platforms.  Unless one does binary input/output it is only the

Thanks but...

The text isd in RAM indeed. A report is generated ans stored in varReport1,
varReport2, etc. Then the following is sent to the printer:

revPrintText varReport1 & varReport2 & varReport3, varHeader, varFooter, the
long ID of field "Report"

Some varReport variables contains numerous lines (25-100), thus leading to a
multiple pages printing. Under MacOS, no problem. Under Windows the last
line of a page is repeated on the next page, inside the 'text area' (header
and footers are printed correctly). Moreover the line is not formated
exactly as the line of the previous page (words are missing)... :-(


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